JavaScript Developer, Frontend Architect

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Building and implementing large scaled web & hybrid mobile applications with OOP, MVC or MVVM based JavaScript (on frontend) architectures.

Also I love to use mac or unix and *nix based systems like git, github.


SDLC (software development life cycle), frontend architecture, software design patterns, OOP & MVC JavaScript, hybrid mobile applications, cordova & phonegap, google closure tools, HTML5, CSS3, SCRUM.

Also you can download my CV file .PDF format from here.


1. JavaScript Developer @ (2012-NOW / 5 years 6 months)

o Maintenance & Performance refactoring.

oFE architecture for new (web) portal application.

oFull architecture design of core frontend cycle.

oWeb & adaptive mobile site development. (OOP, MVC JS) hybrid mobile application

oPOC project for JavaScript hybrid mobile App. (OOP, MVC JS) hybrid mobile application

oFE architecture design of cordova based core.

oHybrid mobile application for IOS and Android. (OOP, MVC JS)

2.FE Developer @ Tart New Media (2010-2012 / 2 years 1 month)

oFE development of (web) portal. (OOP, MVC JS)

oFE Development of Infoflow module (OOP, MVC JS)

oPerformance refactoring

o(PHP) FE Development (Zend FW, jQuery)

oBackOffice modules with ExtJS


o(PHP) FE Development (Zend FW, jQuery)


3.FE Developer @ euro.message, madebycat (2010 / 5 months)

Maintenance & refactoring of content portals like (pegasusla, akbank sanat, avivasa, siemens etc.)

HTML, CSS, jQuery

4.FE Developer @ Network Istanbul (2008-2009 / 1 year 1 month)

Maintenance of

Maintenance of

FE development of Drupal & PHP based content sites.

5.FE Developer @ Tristit (2007-2008 / 1 year 5 months)

Development of PHP based projects.

Development of cross platform web, tv, wap based browser applications.

Also several freelance and consultancy projects.


ACM Software SCRUM training.

Contributions, speakings & Communities

Jstanbul 2012 - JavaScript Mobile Applications

Bilkent IEEE Mobile Days 2012 - JavaScript Mobile Applications

JSPY CONF 2013 - Hybrid Mobile Application & PhoneGap

Mobilist Mobile Application Development Conference 2013 - JavaScript Mobile Application Development

GDG DevFest 2013 - Building Large Scaled Web & Mobile JavaScript Applications with Google Closure Tools

Bilkent IEEE Mobile Days 2014 - Mobile User Experience

Jsist 2014 – Mission Frontend


English - Professional working proficiency

Turkish - Native


Anadolu University / Business Management (2008-2012)

Beykent University / Computer Programming (2005-2007)

Borusan Anatolian High School / Computer & Electronics (2001-2005)

Open Source Projects

Hadouken.js /


Birthday: 9 Ocak 1987

Marrial Status: Single

Twitter: @allthein

Military Service Status: Done


Cycyling, gastro culture, food travelling and I’m a newbie chief at kitchen.